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Chansons pour durer toujours, nominated at the 2014 ADISQ Gala,

Album of the Year–jazz interpretation

Caroline Nadeau: voice and flute (track 13)

Bill Mahar: trumpet and flugelhorn

Jean Boutin: flute, clarinet and tenor saxophone

Daniel Lacoste: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjoline and lap steel

John Sadowy: piano Karl Surprenant: double bass Jim Doxas: drums and rebolo

Joanna Peters: percussion

Art direction: Caroline Nadeau

Directed by: Caroline Nadeau, Julie Lamontagne and Karl Surprenant

Arrangements: Caroline Nadeau, Steeve Lévesque and Karl Surprenant

Sound engineer: Georges Doxas at Studio Boutique de son

Mixing: Julie Lamontagne at Studio Boutique de son

Mastering: Carl Talbot, The Mastering Lab

Graphic Design: Cyclone Design


« Caroline Nadeau offers us Chansons pour durer toujours [...]. The challenge is to take Quebec songs and turn them into jazz standards, just as American artists have done with songs from Broadway musicals. And she pulls it off with this excellent album, the more so because she is so well accompanied »
Stanley Péan, Quand le jazz est là..., Espace musique
« It may seem surprising to rediscover our classics [...] as jazz songs, buthearing this artist sing, one almost believes they were written to be performed this way. [...] Whether singing great Quebec classics or her own compositions, she hits theright note every time. [...] once again, this artist puts her multiple talents on full display. »
Luc Bertrand,

“With these new arrangements of Les choses inutiles, Lucky Lucky, Quelle belle vie, and Je veux tout, which remain true to the essence of the originals, she’ll have you smiling and, of course, singing and/or tapping along.  [These are] real ear worms recorded with top notch musicians [...] a very beautiful voice that calls to mind Christiane Legrand." [Translation]

4 stars, Christophe Rodriguez, Journal de Montréal

“Caroline Nadeau sings jazz, and in French please! I tip my hat to the sophisticated performer and arranger that Caroline Nadeau has become. Chansons pour durer toujours, with 13 titles, including 11 little gems from the Quebec repertoire, which she and her team have revisited with a jazzy touch. Chansons pour durer toujours, supported with new harmonies, the addition of beautiful themes, sometimes bossa, sometimes New Orleans, all supported by a high caliber of musicians. Songs to last forever!”

Barbara Secours, Jazz encore, CIBL 101.5 FM

« For her third album, Caroline Nadeau surroundsherself with seasoned musicians. Her arrangement talents allow herto marry classics from the Quebec repertoire with jazz and contemporary music. A bonus with two original works! When an artist takes the time to jazzitup in French, we have to pay attention. Bravo! »
Colette Schryburt, Coco Jazz... l’autre émission de jazz!, CKVL 100,1 FM
« It’s really pleasant [...]. She has great sensitivity. [...] We are pleasantly surprised with the interpretations she has made on this. [...] I want to emphasize the originality of the cover for a jazz record!» PM, ICI Radio-Canada Première
« The interpreter's warm voice paves the way for songs that are not easy to sing. [...] She fishes forher songs in the sea of Quebec authors who stick to her skin. The Desjardins, Moffat, Lavoie, Lelièvre, Bélanger, Séguin jostle like symbols of the great songs from here, transformed, modified, improvised by the jazzy accents of Mrs. Nadeau. Caroline Nadeau gives us a superb portrait of the vitality of her singing [...].»
Michel Dupuis, Son et image
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