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RealizationProduced by:Julie Lamontagne

Artistic directionArtistic Direction: Caroline Nadeau

Musicians musicians:

Caroline Nadeau: Voice and flute (track 6)Voice & flute (track6)

Jean Boutin: Flute and tenor saxophoneFlute & tenor saxophone

John Roney: Piano (trackstracks1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11&12)

Julie Lamontagne: Piano (trackstracks 4, 5 & 7)

François Marion: Double bassDouble Bass

Jim Doxas: Drums and congasDrums & Congas


1. If Fragile 5:47

Luc De Larochellière and Marc Pérusse Arr.: John Roney

2. A summer (Estate) 6:57

Claude Nougaro and Bruno Martino Arr.: John Roney

3. The convict’s lament (Moanin’) 5:30

Mimi Perrin and Bobby Timmons Arr.: Quincy Jones

4. It's gray in my heart (Chega de Saudade) 5:00

Vinicius de Moraes and Antonio Carlos Jobim Arr.: Michel Vaillancourt and Julie Lamontagne

5. Besame mucho 6:34

P. Sevran, S. Lebrail and C. Valezquez Arr.: Julie Lamontagne and Caroline Nadeau

6. The Song of Orpheus (Black Orpheus) 4:39

François Lenas and Luiz Bonfa Arr.: Denis Mailloux, John Roney and Jean Boutin

7. Naima 5:44

Mimi Perrin and John Coltrane Arr.: Caroline Nadeau and Julie Lamontagne

8. I don’t just shut up (Twisted) 2:44

Michel Rivard, Wardell Gray and Annie Ross Arr.: François Marion, Jean Boutin and Caroline Nadeau

9. Fascinating Rhythm 4:18

Mimi Perrin, Georges and Ira Gershwin

Back: Stan Kenton

10. Summer of ‘42 5:07

Jacques Drejac and Michel Legrand Arr.: John Roney, Caroline Nadeau and Denis Mailloux

11. Samba Saravah 4:53

Pierre Barouh, V. deMoraes and B. Powell Arr.: Steeve Lévesque & Caroline Nadeau

12. A child 4:09

Jacques Brel and GérardJouannest Arr.: John Roney

So Fragile

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