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Artistic direction and production
Artistic Direction & produced by
Caroline Nadeau
Musicians Musicians:
Caroline Nadeau: Voice Voice
Jean Boutin: Soprano/tenor saxophones and flute Soprano and tenor saxophone, flute
Ali Labelle: Piano
Mathieu Gagné: Double bass Double bass
Éric Breton: Drums and percussion Drums & Percussion
Caroline Nadeau, Gérald Gareau and Mathieu Gagné: Back vocal singers
Arrangements: Caroline Nadeau, Mathieu Gagné, Ali Labelle & Eric Breton

Recorded at
Studio 12, Radio-Canada
Production produced by
Alain Bedard
Sound technician Recording engineer
Yves Lepage
9th Heaven Studio
Production produced by
Gérald Gareau & Caroline Nadeau
Sound technician Recording engineer
Louis-Simon Hêtu

Mixing Mixed by
Studio 9th Heaven
Alain Bédard & Louis-Simon Hêtu
Studio 9th Heaven
Louis-Simon Hêtu
Graphic design Graphic Design: Stéphane Belleau
Photographer Photography: Alain Comtois

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